Birthday Road Trip: Marfa, Texas (and surrounding areas)

My very best friend Alice (uh-lease) and I made a trip out to Marfa, Texas (again!) for my 22nd birthday in October of 2015. The weather was MUCH nicer this time around! Alice and I are both photographers so we definitely made approximately one million stops on the way to Marfa and back. All photographs were taken by me, unless I'm in them. (Alice took those!)

I kind of really love my car, so I had to take this photo :D

The following photos were taken at NIGHT. Yes, at night! I cranked up my exposure time, stuck my camera on a tripod, and snapped away! I loved the results. This spot is the viewing area for the Marfa Lights. This time around we met a truck driver that was just passing through and wanted to stretch his legs for a little bit. He told us all about his wife at home and how he's seen so many places because of his job.